Ukrainian agricultural drones will be used in the USA to increase productivity

Ukrainian agricultural drones will be used in the USA to increase productivity

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Ukrainian startup Kray Technologies, which develops drones for agriculture, signed a contract with the US representatives. The first lot of agricultural UAVs of the company will be used abroad.

Kray is engaged in a pre-series assembly of unmanned aerial vehicles near the metro station “Teremki” in Kyiv. Next spring, the startup is going to organize mass production of agricultural drones not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. Kray already receives pre-orders for its functional product. So far, mainly from representatives of the United States and Canada.

The project founder, Dmitriy Surdu, did not say how many drones were ordered by the American partners. He said that the volume is rather big and they have enough work.

A special feature of Kray is application of digital vision system that automatically detects and evades various obstacles. Drone cameras can determine the relief from a height of up to 70 meters, lidar - at a distance of up to 25 meters. The developers plan to install night vision camera in advanced models, so that the drone can perfectly navigate at any time of the day.

The startup founder assures that the use of the Kray drone in agriculture can help to increase the yield significantly and save on fertilizers. In other words, with the help of innovative technology, farmers will be able to increase incomes and reduce costs.

Currently, the price of one unmanned device is $50 000, together with a ground control system. After the launch of mass production, the drone will significantly fall in price.

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