Some facilities in Kyiv accept nims for payment

Some facilities in Kyiv accept nims for payment

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Nim is a kind of cryptocurrency. It's not difficult to get it, all you need is to spend time in the new Ukrainian social network Nimses. For every minute spent there, user receives one nim. Nimses developers say that soon their cryptocurrency will be compared to such means of payment as bitcoin, however, they do not specify how and why this transformation will take place. Currently, nim is not accepted by the exchanges and it is unclear how its rate will be calculated. It's also unclear who specifically works on Nimses creation: there is no detailed information about the developers, except for their names.

However, ordinary users do not worry about such uncertainty, they are attracted by the possibilities. Currently, Nimses is one of the most frequently downloaded apps on Google Play and the AppStore. Several Kyiv facilities have joined this “flashmob” as well. A number of cafes, coffee shops and shops reported that they are ready to accept nims from their customers as a payment mean for some of their goods and services.

In particular, you can use new currency to buy a cup of coffee or tea in such cafes as KavaBulky, Teahouse, Fanera café and bar. In the Green 13 cafe you can buy falafel using nims. offers three pizzas and 10 cups of coffee for nims every day.

But not only cafes have decided to accept the new cryptocurrency. For example, Netinum agency offers clients a marketing consultant for 20 thousand nims. And visitors of Cube VR will receive a 50% discount for one session in virtual reality for 10 thousand nims.

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