Three gadgets you have never heard about. Food

Three gadgets you have never heard about. Food

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We called it "Three gadgets you have never heard about." Here, we will describe interesting and unusual gadgets you have probably never heard about, but in vain. Today, we have chosen three interesting tech toys on the theme "Food."

Here come three gadgets associated with food, you have probably never heard about!

1. Mellow

Mellow is a special device that uses low temperature for cooking. You can operate this gadget remotely, using a special application.


The invention is about to enable you to put, for example, a piece of frozen meat in Mellow in the morning, when are you going to work. Then, in the evening, before going home, you send a message indicating how you want Mellow to prepare this piece of meat. When you are at home, your dinner is ready!

You can rely on the pre-programmed recipes and set the cooking of a dish on your own taste. The program also asks for your feedback after you try the dish. Based on your tips, it will be able to adapt to your taste and cook better and better.

2. Vessyl

Actually, Vessyl  is a usual tumbler, i.e. plastic thermal mug. However, this mug is not so simple. It can determine what beverage is being poured into it. Surprisingly, but it really can!

Vessyl not only determines what you drink: tea, juice, water, yogurt or something else. This mug calculates the number of calories, caffeine and sugar that you consume each day.


Moreover, Vessyl can be synchronized with a special application to monitor the level of water balance in the body. It directly determines how well you sleep, how quickly you get tired, and, in general, how well you feel. This information allows you to adjust your daily procedure for consuming liquid and, therefore, always be fit and in a good state of mind.

Such application is being constantly updated together with the mug and its basis for determining the drinks.


3. Menu Beer Foamer 

The design studio Norm Architects invented this unusual thing especially for fans and judges of high quality beer. The gadget produces beer foam!

Yes, yes, that is right; the guys come up with a idea of a separate device to create thick, aromatic, perfect beer foam. 

Conventionally, in order to get some foam, beer drinkers have to shake a bottle slightly. This produces foam with large bubbles, but with low density. As a result, such foam has "boring" and "flat" taste, if we can say so.


It is not what you can see in beer commercials. The inventors of Menu Beer Foamer claim that their product solves this problem, and you get what you deserve - perfect, thick, rich foam, as if it is just out of the brewery.

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